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***** JY5300 CNC controller and MHC1              Handwheel Controller  ***** 

New CNC3020 CNC Controller JY5300 features with fail safe control, constant speed, constant torque, auto-shutdown when failed functions. It consists of 6 microprocessors for controlling up-to 5 axes (5 DOF). An advanced handheld controller MHC1 could be connected to JY5300 such that CNC could be ran in off-line mode (without PC and software). It features with recording of CNC movement, and playback, CNC positioning, control of individual motor. With this controller, you can perform CNC job without using a PC or Mach3 or EMC2 software.

CNC Machine Controller JY5300                            User manual download

Special Features:
    1) With digital hand wheel controller
    2) Motion memory function. Can record the motion from Computer (e.g. Mach3), or hand wheel controller. Can play back the whole motion without computer controller.
    3) Hand wheel controller with LCD display,  can show X, Y, Z and A position up to 0.01mm
    4) Hand wheel control motion smoothing function. Embedded acceleration and deceleration in hand controlling.
    5) Can independently control up to 5 axis stepper motor (standard package is 4 axis) without Computer connected
    6) Constant speed spindle motor function. Can detect spindle motor speed and provide more power automatically once the speed is dropped down. Fulfill low speed high power usage.
    7) Spindle motor overcurrent protection, prevent motor board and motor damage
    8) PWM spindle motor control with electronic acceleration and deceleration, extent the life of motor.
    9) X, Y, Z axis Limit switches anti-crash function, once limit switch is triggered, the machine will automatically drive back 5 mm, prevent crash accident.
    10) Independent control board. 1 pcs main board, 4 or 5 pcs stepper controller board and 1 pcs Spindle motor controller board. Easy to maintenance, repairing and replacement.
    11) High velocity performance, velocity can drive up to 3500mm / minute, acceleration up to 400mm/s2
    12) Extension function can connect to 800W or above water cooling type AC spindle Motor  controller *Detail can consult sales


Item Description Parameter Remark
Socket Number of Slot Stepper Driver Board 5 *Standard package with 4 StepperDriver Board
DC Spindle Motor Driver Board 1 ¡¡
External Controller 1 ¡¡
PC Parallel Port 1 ¡¡
Stepper Motor DriverBoard ¡¡ Operating Voltage 24DCV ¡¡
Maximum Current 3DCA ¡¡
Micro-Stepping divider 1:8 ¡¡
Hand Wheel Control Maximum Acceleration 200mm/s2 320 Steps per mm
Maximum Deceleration 200mm/s2
Maximum Speed 3500mm/min
MACH3 ComputerControl Maximum Acceleration 300 mm/s2
Maximum Deceleration 300 mm/s2
Maximum Speed 3500mm/min
Stepper Motion Memory ¡¡ Number of Memory Region 4 ¡¡
One Region Max Record Time 30minutes ¡¡
Maximum Memory Speed 3500mm/min ¡¡
DC Spindle MotorDriver Board ¡¡ Operating Voltage 48DCV ¡¡
Maximum Current 7DCA ¡¡
PWM Speed Control 0 to 100% 1KHz ¡¡
Constant Speed Tolerance 5 to 15% Tested in 300W12000RPM DC Motor
Maximum Acceleration ~3000RPM/s
Maximum Deceleration ~3000RPM/s
Input Electricity ¡¡ 110/220VAC 50/60Hz ¡¡
Hand Wheel LCDDisplay ¡¡ Dot Matrix 128X64with backlight ¡¡
Hand Wheel Encoder 100 PPR ¡¡
Number of Axis 4 Axis ¡¡
Size Controller Box (LXWXH)mm 330X220X120 ¡¡
Weight net weight (kg) 4.3 ¡¡

Question :What is the different of MHC1 hand-wheel compare with other brands in the market?
Answer: ​Most wired or wireless controller in the market, they are just a peripheral like a keyboard connect to a PC running cnc control software. The controller of cnc stepper motors are still being done by the software like Mach3 or EMC2. With our MHC1 controller which has a processor inside that control the stepper motors directly without the need of a PC.
It is handy when someone wants to do a simple task by the CNC or just use the CNC as lathe.
The handwheel can set sequential action to the cnc motors and memorize it and then play them back in action.
No PC is involved.