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Welcome to MiB Instruments Co. site!                      ​
​MiB Instruments Company, is a world-class producer of advanced measuring tools, digital spirit level, laser products, DIY cnc machines, and many other testing instruments. Individuals with varied educational and technical skills use these instruments in a wide range of applications. ​Yet these products share a number of things in common:

1) Cost effective and High performance through advanced technology incorporating highly accurate sensors and exceptional quality.
2) Since 2007, MiB has built a reputation for high quality products, which help the user to perform his/her job more accurately and effectively.
3) MiB's products have expanded into a comprehensive line that ranges widely throughout industry, education, engineers and DIYer.

We are both the manufacturer and retailer of a lot of products in the measurement fields. By getting rid of the "middle-man" - the distributors, our retail prices are almost the ex-factory price. We believe that direct Businesses to Customers (B2C) is the trend in coming years.  ​With over a decade of experiences in the measurement tools field, we will continue to develop new innovative products with "High Quality, Low in Cost".

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Welcome! below is the latest monthly news:

[2013.09] New release LC Auto Range Meter MLC500 - 500Khz measurement method.​

​[2013.05] CNC3020 conversion to 3D printer. Added new page under the CNC menu.

​​[2013.04] New ESR M100 Meter available for sell. It comes with a new housing, bigger LCD and powered by 2pcs AA batteries.

​[2013.01] Happy New Year! We moved to new factory in end of Dec 2012, it is 6 times larger then old factory. Production is resumed in early Jan.

​[2012.12] New product: MODEL: M4070 LCR meter released for sale.

​[2012.12] Added supplementry precaution steps when connecting mains power to CNC controller. Refer menu item "CNC_FAQ" (8).

​[2012.12] Preparation and setup of new factory to increase production capacity, plan to move in to new factory at end of this year.

​[2012.11] New release of JY5300 Intelligent CNC Controller with Handheld Control MHC1. Video loaded to and mib-tech website, with user manual available for download.

​[2012.10] Created new page "UM" for easy user manual download.

​[2012.10] Added video and document for TLL-90 Bluetooth connection.

​[2012.09] Website updated to include CNC and Digital Meters products.​​​​